She stares at him hiding in the bushes
She is an average girl,not so popular
Not the one for someone good like him
Look she is a lovestruck girl

He is flawless, breathtaking
Good inside out
Everybody loves him
Only if he knew what she felt for him

They say love is made by god and not by human;
He is trying to impress the girl hiding in the bushes
They say she is and average girl not so popular,
Not good for someone perfect like him
Look he is a lovestruck boy

What could he do?
He is blinded by her
For him she is perfect,
Innocent and beautiful
He has been in love with her ever since he first saw her
But only if she knew what he felt for her

Not always can two people confess to each other
They can live happy together
But look they are the lovestruck boy and girl
Who can never confess of eachother.

She weeps there alone
No matter how hard she tries she cannot stop herself
She is beaten to work all night
She tries but cannot run away

Once she lived smiling
Her smile was envied
Now she sheds her tears
But nobody cares

She lives dreadful life
Sometimes she tries to die
And sometimes she tries to live
But she cannot
This is what she had to get for what she had done